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Known for its cutting-edge diagnostic feature for a wide range of application from clinical use to laboratory studies, including the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

When a bolus or gas enters, the digestive tract reacts to this stimulation with its motility represented as peristatic reflex or intestinal reflex, and provides an organic sensation by transmitting a signal conveying the status of internal organs to the brain.

Symptoms caused by abnormality of this function of digestive tract are called functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID), pathology of which has gradually been revealed of late.

Isobar3 is widely considered as one of the most effective means to assess the function of digestive tract and has been valued as the sole means to diagnose IBS.

Isobar Ⅲ

The main reservoir is capable of performing a single balloon application by itself. Using the external reservoir, it is possible to conduct a dual balloon application, the control and pressure detection of which are designed to be done by the main reservoir.


[ Main Reservoir ]
 ●Power AC100V 50/60Hz 85W
 ●Dimension W330×D530×H230mm
 ●Weight 30kg
 ●Cylinder 1300ml

[ External Reservoir (Dual Drive) ]
 ●Power AC100V 50/60Hz 85W
 ●Dimension W330×D530×H230mm
 ●Weight 12kg
 ●Cylinder 1300ml / 140ml

IsobarⅡR〔experiments on animals〕

For experiments on animals, such as mice, rats, ferrets, dogs, miniature pigs, and sheep.


[ IsobarⅡR ]
・World’s only dual channel miniature barostat
・Two 60 ml built-in cylinders (20 ml + 20 ml option available)
・Extremely minute, volumetric accuracy with 0.050 ml resolution
・Pressure range up to 100 mmHg
 ●Cylinder volume (standard): 50 ml

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