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 Virtual Sphygmomanometry 

Codeveloped with an expert in a medical university, with practical contents.

Codeveloping with Dr. Kishi of Jichi Medical University, we managed to design this highly effective and practical curriculum for teaching medical students.

★Training Sequence|SCENE:1~19

Helps students learn how to adjust an electrical balance.


The virtual teacher askes students which syringe or anesthetic to use, and prompts them to answer a necessary amount to inject.


Helps students learn how the rat should be held before injecting anesthetic, using multiple-choice questions.


Injecting Anesthetic
Helps students learn a proper injection site on the rat’s body surface.


Helps students learn how to properly shave the injection site with hair clippers.


Management of Respiratory under Anesthetic State
Helps students learn how to massage the rat when it develops dyspnea. To successfully revive the rat, students need to operate the computer’s mouse correctly.


Detachment of Vein
Helps students learn how to detach a rat’s vein by letting them decide the location and detach the vein with tweezers in the simulation.


Preparation of Cannula
Helps students learn which heparin to fill the cannula with and how to prepare the cannula, using a syringe.


Preparation of Connection
Helps students learn how to prepare the conveyor line of pressure from the cannula to pressure sensors, using a three way stopcock.


Blood Pressure Reaction
Explains how to assess the reaction induced by the administration of substances, such as adrenaline, using ten related questions, its waveform after the administration, and some instructions.


  • ① Effect of Control on Blood Pressure
  • sn19-1.pngyajiri.pngsn19-02.png
  • ② Effect of Cholinergic Agent (Acetylcholine, Ach) on Blood Pressure
  • sn19-03.pngyajiri.pngsn19-4.png
  • ③ Blockade of Muscarinic Receptor by Anticholinergic Agent (Atropine, ATR)
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④ Antagonism between ATR and Ach
⑤ Effect of A Large Amount of Ach on Blood Pressure after The Administration of ATR
⑥ Effect of Adrenaline (AD) on Blood Pressure
⑦ Effect of Alpha Receptor Blocking Agent (Phenoxybenzamine, PBZ)
⑧ Antagonism between PBZ and AD
⑨ Effect of Beta Receptor Blocking Agent (Propranolol, PPL)
⑩ Antagonism between PPL and AD
⑪ End of Study