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 History and Milestones 

Star Medical Inc. was established in 1976, and since then we have been plugging into the development, manufacturing, imports, and sales of medical devices.
Our first work started in 1978 was to develop and manufacture a sphygmomanometer and heart rate meter with PAS system. These products we developed back then still form the basis of PAS system devices that are currently available.
In 1980 we began to develop our digestive tracts motility measurement system, and after launching and improving a number of high-quality measurement devices such as telemeters and analysis software, even today we still continue to pursue more effective way to better assess and understand the motility.
The development of telemeter, which was designed to be applied to rats to measure their brainwaves and myoelectricity, took its first step in 1995 and we successfully managed to make its weight as light as 2 g. Our continuous effort and enthusiasm to minimize the size of this outstanding unit has never been let up and we are still working on it today.
In recent years we kept launching useful devices such as a new, smaller and easier-to-use digestive tracts motility measurement device for clinical practice (2005), the second generation telemeter (2011), the compact 3-channel telemeter for the measurement of rats’ digestive tracts motility (2014), and some new versions of Starlet system (currently being processed for regulatory approval), all of which are waiting for further improvement.

Business Relationships
Our wide range of business partners and valued customers consist of university hospitals, public hospitals, private hospitals, medical department of universities specialized in pharmacology or physiology, pharmaceutical companies, and national institutions.